wp7: Communication and policy

Communication and translation to policy for future solutions

The aim of work package 7 is to synthesize the information from work packages 1-6, translate our findings to policy and ensure effective dissemination to the public and interested groups.

We will work with key stakeholders through the INGENIOUS Impact Panel to help shape effective messaging and media engagement to communicate the important lessons on indoor air quality learnt through the project, with the aim to maximize both the uptake of interventions developed in work package 6 and the policy impacts.

WP7 lead 

Nicholas is Director of the Centre for Housing Policy, an interdisciplinary group working in the fields of housing exclusion and social geography. He is the University of York Research Champion for Justice and Equalities, a Senior Fellow in the NIHR School for Social Care Research and a member of the European Observatory of Homelessness. Together with Sarah West, he is leading WP7. Nicholas is also contributing to WP6. 

Sarah is Director of the Stockholm Environment Institute York centre. She is supporting community engagement, in particular co-design of interventions, and helping to ensure the project has impact on policy and practice.

Chantelle is a behavioural scientist at the University of Sheffield. Chantelle is leading WP6, which focuses on understanding and overcoming barriers to behaviours that could reduce production of or exposure to indoor air pollution. She is also involved in WP7, supporting the translation of the research into real-world impact.

Jennifer is a communications specialist at the Stockholm Environment Institute York Centre. She manages INGENIOUS project communications, liaises with stakeholders and helps to facilitate the INGENIOUS Impact Panel.