wp5: Health impact analysis

Identifying the potential health impacts associated with the individual components of indoor air pollution mixtures from different sources

Work package 5 aims to quantify the health impacts of indoor air pollutant mixtures linked to different sources, both now and in the future. Drawing on the quantification and characterisation of the different pollutants by source from the measurements and modelling studies throughout Ingenious, and based on toxicological studies from previous studies and those emerging from across the Clean Air programme, we will assess the contributions to health impacts from the various indoor pollutants and the likely impacts of changes to behaviour and indoor activity.

WP5 lead

Gordon works on measuring particulate composition and properties, on modelling particulate formation and transformation and on understanding the impacts of various sorts of pollution on human health. His team helps characterise the particle composition in the homes sampled in WP2 and understand the transformation of indoor particulate pollution using models in WP4. He also leads a Clean Air consortium characterising the relative toxicity of different pollution sources, providing a "hazard ranking" and leads WP5 in Ingenious aiming to quantify health impacts of indoor air pollution.

Nic is the project lead and also heads up the modelling efforts in WP4. She works on numerical modelling of air pollution chemistry in the indoor environment, investigating the chemical processes that cause high concentrations of air pollutants indoors.  Current research focuses on indoor air pollution from the use of cleaning devices and surface cleaners, emissions from materials (e.g. furnishing) and humans (e.g. from skin and breath), as well as other activities associated with human occupancy (e.g. cooking and cleaning). 

Rosie is the director of the Born in Bradford research programme, following the lives of tens of thousands of families living in Bradford to explore why some families stay health and why others fall ill. Rosie is leading WP2 which will explore indoor air quality and health in 300 homes of Born in Bradford families. She is also contributing to WP6 aiming to co-produce ways of reducing exposure to indoor pollution with communities.